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Fire Commissioners

The Board of Fire Commissioners is responsible for governing the operations of the District. The board is generally responsible for the following areas:

  • Determining levels of service and establishing goals
  • Determining type and level of funding, approve budgets, tax levies
  • Establishing policies and approve operational procedures
  • Employing key personnel, supervising chief
  • Guiding strategic planning
  • Representing the District to the public

The business of the board is conducted at public meetings. The regular meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners usually occurs the third Monday of each month except when that day is a State-designated holiday (refer to the 2024 Meeting Schedule for exact meeting dates).

The District Secretary is responsible to keep a record (minutes) of the proceedings of the board. Minutes are prepared after each meeting and are reviewed and approved by the board at their next regular meeting. Draft minutes are prepared and posted within a week on the Board Meetings page. Following board approval, official meeting minutes will be posted. 

​Resolutions serve as a primary mechanism for the Board of Fire Commissioners to provide written documentation of major policy decisions. Resolutions can be found on the Resolutions page

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