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Jefferson County Fire Protection District No. 2 dba Quilcene Fire Rescue provides first due structural and wildland fire suppression, rescue, emergency medical services (EMS), basic life support (BLS) ambulance transport, and Haz-Mat operations to the unincorporated villages of Quilcene and Coyle in the rugged Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. The 88-square mile response area involves both rural and remote demand zones. The District has a population of 2,500 residents that increase to over 6,000 in summer.

In 2023 Quilcene Fire Rescue answered 567 calls for service. 23 calls were for NFIRS Series 100 Fires and 369 calls were EMS related (65%). Total call volume increased 16% over 2022. 

The district operates one staffed fire station in Quilcene just off Hwy 101 and one volunteer responder station 20 miles away in Coyle, a remote village at the far end of the Toandos peninsula. Paid staff includes a Fire Chief, three officers, and three temp-hire firefighter/EMTs. A full-time District Secretary handles bookkeeping. 20+ volunteers provide additional firefighting, EMS response, and support capabilities.