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Toandos Emergency Preparedness Association (TEPA)

The purpose of Toandos Emergency Preparedness Association is to educate and assist all people on the Toandos Peninsula in Jefferson County, WA, to prepare for, survive, and recover from an emergency, and to oversee Emergency Operations and Resources on the Toandos Peninsula in association with Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management. 

One of the most important responsibilities of TEPA was creating and maintaining the ERC. The Emergency Response Center (ERC) is based out of the Laurel B. Johnson Community Center at 923 Hazel Point Road in Coyle, WA at the South end of the Toandos peninsula.

In the event of an area wide emergency like earthquakes, wildfires, wind and snow storms, the ERC transforms the LBJ Community Center into a facility that has command & coordination, medical triage, communications, and logistics