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Tender 21

​Tender 21 is a 2017 Frieghtliner M2 (built by Rosenbauer) housed at Station 21. Tender 21 is a combination tanker/pumper with an 1,800 gallon water tank and a 750 GPM pump. Tender 21 is also equipped with a 2,100 gallon drop tank, and a 350 GPM portable pump.

Tender 21 was procured in 2017 for $288,000 through a federal grant with a 5% local share. Tender 21 replaced a 32-year-old vehicle with 400,000 miles on the odometer that was obsolete and unreliable.

Tenders are used to supply water to fire scenes where water may not otherwise be available. Tender 21 is essential for providing water in the 99% of the district that is not served by hydrants. Tender 21 is housed at Station 21.

Tender at wildfire incident
Tender 21 keeping a portable water tank filled at the scene of a wildland fire.