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Open Burning

May contain: bonfire, fire, and flame

Recreational Fires (Campfires)—No Permit Required

Recreational fires (campfires) must be fueled only by clean, dry firewood or charcoal and must be no larger than four feet in diameter. No permit is required.

Residential Yard-Waste Fires—No Permit Required

Residential yard waste fires no larger than four feet in diameter must be fueled only by dry, natural vegetation originating on the site. Burning anything other than natural vegetation is prohibited! No permit is required.

Land Clearing Fires—Quilcene Fire Rescue Permit Required

Subject to certain conditions, land clearing fires up to twenty feet in diameter and fifteen feet high may be set to burn natural vegetation originating and cleared from a site. Permits are issued by Quilcene Fire Rescue. Fees are required.

Outdoor Burning Fact Sheet.pdfBurn Permit Application.pdf