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Cat Rescue (stuck in a tree or utility pole or on roof)

A curious cat perched on a tree branch with green leaves in the background.

Cat in a tree? While you may picture a firefighter on a ladder coming to assist, this isn't a service QFR offers. Emergency crews need to be ready to respond to human emergencies, and can't risk being in the middle of a cat retrieval when an emergency call comes in. In addition, retriving a cat from a tree, utility pole, or roof can be dangerous, and its not something our firefighters train for.  

Instead try leaving food and water at the base of the tree, then wait to see if it comes down on its own. Another option is to reach out to a local tree service, some of whom can help retrieve cats. 

We have heard from community members that Tippy Top Tree Service provides cat rescue services in addition to hazard tree removal. Call 360-774-0635.