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Access for Fire Apparatus

A dirt path winds through a lush green forest with dense foliage.

Could a fire truck or ambulance get down your driveway?

Quilcene Fire Rescue responds to a wide variety of fire and medical emergencies in the fire district. Emergency response can be delayed when the condition of private roads, driveways, and bridges restricts or prevents apparatus access. The Washington Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Code as adopted under WAC 51-55-0400 requires fire apparatus access roads to be provided and maintained as required by locally adopted standards. The goal of standardized access is to protect lives and property and reduce risk in our community.

To assist property owners, the District has adopted road, driveway, and bridge standards to allow responding apparatus, be it an engine or ambulance, safe access to the scene of an emergency. The District encourages and supports the efforts of property owners to meet or exceed access standards.

FIRE APPARATUS ACCESS SUMMARYRural Access Road - Driveway.pdfWAC 51-55-0400.pdf